is an education entrepreneur guru that provides innovative solutions to help Business Schools generate new revenue streams and optimize their internal & external workflow process in 3 Steps:


I.T Workflow optimization

Today there's an I.T tool for almost everything, so why not exploiting these tools to optimize the activity of your admissions, accounting & academics department

Blueprint Service (FREE)

Blueprinting your current workflow process will allow you to visualize a mind map. The mind map will serve as a reference to identify whether there are existing tools that will help you optimize your workflow process so that your team & staff can avoid manual & repetitive tasks. 

This service is for FREE 

Business School CRM (Cloud Solution)

In partnership with one of the leading CRM service providers, you will be able to benefit from a complete solution that is tailor-made to your needs, cost-effective and flexible enough to integrate & synchronize with 3rd party applications. 

Integrating Masterstudies into your CRM

Integrate Masterstudies (Keystone Academic Solutions) directly into your CRM solution to avoid performing any manual data collection and filter the inquiries in concordance with your workflow rules.


New revenue streams

A Business School is composed of students, ex-alumnis, professors & a corporate network. Exploit this human capital & corporate relations by creating digital VAS.

Intranet/Extranet portal for ex-alumnis

The community of Ex-alumnis is a valuable resource for a Business School. By consolidating an intranet/extranet portal on a membership basis that provides networking, investors and partnership solutions for ex-alumnis, the Business School will be able to represent a value not only during their academic parkour but also after graduation. 

Developing Corporate Programs

As mentioned previously, a Business School has a rich human capital with students that are not just willing to learn but also to test & apply their knowledge on a practical level. By establishing corporate programs, the Business School can act as an intermediary marketplace of solutions between students & corporations.

Knowledge base & Community-centric solutions

Once as a Business School you have consolidated a network of ex-alumnis, students and corporations, then comes the time to consolidate a community-centric knowledge-base that crowd-sources solutions and scales up to a larger number of corporations.  


Acceleration & Incubation

Reducing the gap between theory and practice + facilitating the insertion of students into the professional world through Digital Entrepreneurship is key.

Creating a Digital Entrepreneurship program

Whether it's just a workshop, a short course or a degree, launching a Digital Entrepreneurship program within your Business School will enable you to have a foot in the digital academic & corporate world and reach a larger audience and market.   

Planting an Accelerator/Incubator

By planting an accelerator/incubator within your Business School you will not only reduce the gap between theory and practice but also give the opportunity for students to start their own company while studying. By focusing on digital entrepreneurship, students will be able to minimize the risks by not having to depend on any physical related business. 

White labelling a knowledge base in Digital Entrepreneurship

Once you have gathered enough information and consolidated a knowledge base in Digital Entrepreneurship, then you can start offering access to third party entities either under your Business School brand or as a white label and charge your clients on a membership or royalty basis. 

Edupreneurship, a new business trend

Adopt an edupreneurial mindset by adding innovation to your Business Model.